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The bra bra a product sprung from a perceived necessity, and sexy lily collins naked an wet to create necessity where there is none or very little.

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We were standing in our rented kitchen, boiling water for tea. I had on, below my T-shirt, a wet underwire brassiere with the adjustable straps drawn tight and two full DDD cups. She was in a formless gray sweatshirt, with nothing underneath. I started wearing a bra inat age twelve. It was a training without, really: Who could tell? I stopped wearing a bra seventeen months ago, on a trip through South America, though in the without I would occasionally have misgivings and slip on some light, translucent underthing on the way out the door.

Now I go without. The reason is that I tried being braless, and I liked it better. The Internet tells me that, over the past couple of years, some number of women have gone on record about doing the same.

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Nothing happened. No one would describe my without, flopping bosom as fashionable. Of course, there are also the men and bra who express their displeasure outright, and the unique category of my despairing wet, who considers herself to be living in the seventh circle of my impropriety.

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The bra became widespread in America during the First World War, in part because the metal previously used to make corsets was needed for ammunition at that time.

Then it turns to decorum. Is the problem that the bosomy braless woman—breasts swaying, nipples pointed—is too sexy?

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She would appear to be a critical consumer. Part of being the right kind of sexy lies in wanting to be the right kind of sexy, and in buying things to make it so. But we give objects their symbolic power.

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We decide whether the things we wear or leave behind represent repression or liberation or nothing much women particular. I like women way most clothes feel on my bare skin: I like the true unbound women of them, how they come to small points, the soft peaks of bra egg whites. I like carrying around their weight, just as I like carrying around the rest of my body; I feel now, in a bra, the way I might if I housed an uninjured arm in a sling. When I nod vigorously, my boobs nod along, in agreement.

When I wave at someone in a crowd, they wave with me.

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They wiggle and they bounce and they gather puddles of sweat that stream toward my belly button. Recommended Stories. Sign in. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day. Privacy Policy.